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Inquiry-based, with a Trustness model support, semantic Annotations and Communities formation Assistance
National Spanish project, TSI2007-13409-C02-01


The Semantic Web will allow software applications to understand the content of Web pages, which nowadays is only understandable by humans. This will lead to the automation of tasks that nowadays require a hard user interaction. The Semantic Web requires the existence of metadata that describe formally the contents of Web resources. Although several solutions have been proposed to solve the problem of semantic annotation of Web pages, none of them exploits the workforce of the millions of Web search engines users.

In this project, we propose to design and develop a new system, based on the queries submitted to search engines, for supporting the semantic annotation of resources. Annotations will be stored in a distributed fashion using P2P technologies. A trust model is necessary in this system due to the big number and heterogeneity of potential annotation authors. This trust model must allow users to discriminate annotations and evaluate them, thus leading to the formation of communities of users. The trust model must consider recommendations and the evolution of trust, by analysing evidences. This model has to be integrated in tools in a non-invading way for the user. These trust models are suitable for dynamic, open and anarchic networks, which are normally neglected by PKI.

We propose in this project to adapt PKI techniques for these new decentralised environments, especially P2P networks, in order to provide them with traditional security services. The security technologies developed in ITACA have applications beyond its use in the ITACA annotation system, like the secure exchange of multimedia content in P2P networks. A previous version of this proposal was submitted in the previous call and received a “bridge” grant. We have improved the proposal according to the reviewers’ suggestions.





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